Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Holiday crafting projects...

Thought I'd give this Blogging thingy a try! Welcome! Thanks for dropping in...
I want to tell you about my crafting projects for this holiday season.
Well, I have a Festival to get ready for! The Mesa Art Festival to be exact. It's held in downtown Mesa on December 11th & 12th. So I've started by filling up my earring rack. Here are some before and after pictures of filling up my earring rack...
Here it is full again!

Next, after I post this blog, I'm working on making more purses. I've sold a few of these and need to make up more stock! These are the two I'll make next...   The Day of the Dead & The Cherry Bomb

Well, that is today's plans for getting ready for the Holiday Season!
Stay tuned for more....
you can find my jewelry designs at http://www.tamalincraft.com/
my purse creations at http://www.savvytrend.com/
find both at studio Tamalin at http://www.artfire.com/
Here are a few pairs I've made...
Maybe next post a lesson on how to make a simple earring???