Thursday, November 11, 2010

Basic Earring making part three....

Now it's time to assemble! This is the simplest way to make a pair! The basic loop...
First put bead on headpin, then grab those chain nose pliers. with pliers in dominant hand grip wire close to bead then turn wire to 90 degree angle. See pictue below...
Next put down your chain nose and grab the round nose. Grip wire at corner. Wrap wire around the top of pliers. It should look like this:

Next, rotate your pliers so the bottom part is now the top and bring your wire around to make loop. See picture below....
Now your ready to cut off excess wire! Trade your round nose for your wire cutters. Trim wire at the inside of the loop...

OK! Now open the loop on your earwire, attach bead with loop and close loop. You're half way done!

Now rinse and repeat! You'll have your first pair of handmade / homemade earrings! CONGRATS!

Basic Earring making part two....

Now at your local bead/craft store you will need to get these supplies:
1)base metal head pins
Now you can get the fancy headpin & earwires but i suggest you start with the cheap stuff first! One, you don't know if you'll like making earrings. Two, and this is important, your going to make mistakes!!
Practice makes perfect! As they say, so it is true!
Get these supplies and come back for part three ASSEMBLY.....
P.S. try not to spend too much at the bead store! It's hard not to for me!!! 

Part one of Basic Earring making....

I've decided to teach you basic earring making!
Step one: TOOLS!
You will need these three basic pliers:
from left to right, Chain nose pliers, Round nose pliers & wire cutters. Your chain nose pliers should be smooth, no gripping grooves that will mar your wire! The best wire cutters to use will be flush on one side to get in close to the wire your cutting! You can order a kit on line or go to your local bead/craft shop. I've been using Bead Smith brand for years, it's middle of the road quality but seem to last forever! I only have to replace the wire cutters every few years! NOT BAD!!
Collect these vital tools and i'll take you to the next step soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Holiday crafting projects...

Thought I'd give this Blogging thingy a try! Welcome! Thanks for dropping in...
I want to tell you about my crafting projects for this holiday season.
Well, I have a Festival to get ready for! The Mesa Art Festival to be exact. It's held in downtown Mesa on December 11th & 12th. So I've started by filling up my earring rack. Here are some before and after pictures of filling up my earring rack...
Here it is full again!

Next, after I post this blog, I'm working on making more purses. I've sold a few of these and need to make up more stock! These are the two I'll make next...   The Day of the Dead & The Cherry Bomb

Well, that is today's plans for getting ready for the Holiday Season!
Stay tuned for more....
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Here are a few pairs I've made...
Maybe next post a lesson on how to make a simple earring???